CWA Services

BLOGGERS – the CWA will work with and  promote all classic, old school, bloggers, websites and historians, through our website, Facebook & Twitter accounts. Please contact us and we will get to work immediately on your behalf sharing and promoting your work.

CONTENT – the CWA is accepting assignments and will provide exclusive, original Classic Wrestling content to bloggers, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc., fees begin at a minimum of $50.00 for a 500 word article, with a minimum of three references, $25.00 for each additional 500 words.  Please contact us today with your requests for a quote.

RESEARCH – the CWA will transcribe and move research from older websites, platforms, etc, to WordPress and republish, share and promote the research, ensuring that the research is preserved, searchable, easy to find and available to the public.

SOCIAL MEDIA – (FREE)  the CWA will set up and help manage Facebook and Twitter accounts for former professional wrestlers. Please contact us today and we’ll have you connected with your fans within 24 hours.

WEBSITE – (FREE)  the CWA will build and host basic websites for former professional wrestlers, at no costs.  See for an example of a CWA sponsored website.

WRESTLERS – the CWA will promote former professional wrestlers’ appearances, books, events, etc., in addition we will also review any past news articles or publications from the past and produce and publish new content related to past coverage to promote your career and current activities.

WRITERS – the CWA will always be looking for writers and talent, if you are interested in writing for the CWA please contact us today.  Please note that we will soon be marketing the CWA with ads on the internet, in various wrestling podcasts, on Facebook and Twitter to get the maximum exposure for the site and your contributions if you choose to join us.




Free Benefits include;

  • networking with other bloggers, podcasts and websites
  • piggy back on the CWA’s future advertising and marketing campaigns
  • free access to additional content for your blog or website
  • VIP access, 10% discount to any premium services offered by the CWA
  • the use of the CWA logo on your website, blog, marketing materials, etc.

To join out network, just fill out the information on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.